Virtual tours provide realistic and immersive approach for company to present itself to customers thus attracting more visitors on actual location. Virtual tours are built from series of 360 VR photos linked together in a single virtual environment which end users can explore. Additionally, video content can be embedded as 2D or 3D video inside the virtual environment which greatly extends interaction possibilities and raises the end user experience on a completely new level.

How to view it

One of the biggest thing about our virtual tours is they do not require flash player or dedicated application on mobile or any other device. Final product delivered to our customers is highly interactive and responsive HTML5 webpage optimized even for low bandwidth rates with multiresolution capabilities.

Each Virtual tour is implemented with VR mode which enables viewing the tour in VR glasses.

Key features

  • Reach more customers and present the company as innovative and trend setting
  • Present your location in the best way possible with experience that cannot be achieved using 2D photos
  • Emphasize your key points by using interactive CTA buttons inside virtual environment
  • Personalize your approach to customers by employing a virtual guide or assistant
  • Customize your tour down the road with announcements for future events, using banners or video teasers inside the virtual environment
  • Integrate virtual tour with your existing webpage and create links that lead to specific location inside the tour itself
  • Track end user activity in inside the virtual tour using Google analytics and use the data to adjust your approach
  • Day/night or before/after switching for single location inside virtual tour
  • Fully customized menu used for direct jump to specific location
  • Cut down man hours for actual tour of your location
  • Use the offline version of the tour in combination with VR mode for event presentation in VR headset
  • Use 360 photos from virtual tour for social media posts and updates
  • Use 360 photos from virtual tour for Google street view and reach a higher amount of potential customers

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