Future 4.0 conference, Slovenia

By November 22, 2019 November 28th, 2019 News

Future 4.0 conference was held in Velenje, Slovenia, from 21-22. October 2019. Event was focused on the Industry 4.0 and curated matchmaking, with main goal to directly connect industrial corporations with startups from the Balkan region which are or could be related to the innovation for Industry 4.0.

First day of the conference was reserved for talks, from both corporations and startups. It was discussed how to bridge the gap between startups and corporations, what are the expectations on both sides and how actual partnerships work in live environments.

Second day featured B2B meetings between startups and corporations, with goal to establish mutual partnerships. We held one meeting with big industry company from Slovenia, with promising expectations on both sides, and we hope we will have an update on that subject in weeks to come.

Finally, B2B meeting with other startups were very insightful, giving us a chance to learn about each other’s businesses, compare experiences and explore potential business relationships.

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